Our Mindset


If an idea fits on the back of a business card, it has a clear concept.
We save you money
through digitisation and
innovative platform solutions


What we do


Data and information are the oil of the 21st century. Big Data, a raw material that needs to be processed.

Only intelligent processing turns big data into smart data.

In order to shift the focus from quantity to quality, you need highly-specialised, innovative digital tools. With an extraordinary understanding of the complexity of the requirements, technical expertise and creativity, CSI creates a digital world to support management decisions, operates databases and develops platforms for the automation of business processes.

Our platform and tool development is geared exclusively to the requirements of the markets. CSI develops innovative products and makes them available to our customers quickly and in a resource-saving manner.

With the awareness of a management consultancy, we create solutions that digitise, automate and manage relevant data and processes.

Our developers are highly skilled database, back-end and front-end experts.

Common Sense Intelligence stands for digitisation and is the software manufacturer of the Finance Elements Group and its customers.